About Orange Sports Agency

Orange Sports Agency is a premium advisory and consulting firm that
specializes in various sports disciplines and branches. Our management
team combines expertise from all playing fields. It consists of people with
backgrounds in sports marketing, retail and business development, but also professional coaches and athletes – allowing us to deliver multifaceted services for our clients.  

We’re here to help athletes, coaches and organizations get the best out of themselves. And we do this by capitalizing on the latest technologies, drawing from an extensive network of sports professionals, and using our knowledge and experience to provide you with advice and services that enable you to maximize your results.

Our philosophy

The world of sports has gone through some incredible developments over the last decades. The notion of your father being your coach, business manager, legal advisor and public relations specialist all in one, has become a thing of the past. For an athlete to succeed, he needs more than just a coach. He needs the right equipment, the right nutrition, and a team of coaches that specialize in perfecting different aspects of his game. In other words, the world of sports has become much better, but also more complicated than ever before.

For a sports association it is no different. There are many more aspects to take into account while setting up a new sports initiative, building and growing your brand, and connecting to members, fans and partners all around the world. As an organization, it has become more difficult to have every skill under one roof. That’s why Orange Sports Agency is here to complement your existing teams with the sound advice and services you need to successfully implement your business strategy. 

With an eclectic team of professionals in widely ranging areas of expertise, Orange Sports Agency provides the means to reinforce your organization based on your future goals and ambitions. From advice and consultation to full-on implementation: we make sure that you are covered on all bases. 

Discover our services

Coach & player management

For professional advice, career planning and contract negotiations.


Building and growing your brand through brand development and marketing.


Connecting professional coaches with the right employers around the world. 


Supplying custom-made software to optimize your strategy and efficiency. 

Sports marketing & consulting

Providing all-round marketing, sales and event planning services. 


Creating business plans to successfully implement new sports initiatives.