Coach & player management

We establish a foundation for success by aligning our athletes and coaches
with the best partners & suppliers, and providing them with the right advice
during the course of their career. 

Professional advice, career planning and contract negotiations

We value career longevity over short term gains. That’s why we ensure our athletes and coaches are being sponsored by partners, service providers and product suppliers that have their best interests in mind. 

Equipped with a profound understanding of the socio-economic and political playing field in various sports disciplines, Orange Sports Agency fulfills a consulting role to help athletes and coaches advance their careers in the long run.

Always get the best advice and more

Orange Sports Agency uses its expertise to advise individual athletes, coaches and their families. We provide guidance in new career opportunities, consultation during contract negotiations and always try to give the right type of support, no matter the situation. 

  • Offer legal assistance for contracts.
  • Act as a mediator between athletes/coaches and institutions.
  • Establish fair negotiations between parties. 
  • Connect players to suppliers and sponsorship deals. 

Dmitry Tursunov

I am very grateful to OrangeCoach for approaching me with the opportunity to work with Anett Kontaveit. I had just finished a successful long period of working on the WTA tour with Arina Sabalenka and was searching for the right player and the right fit. Thanks to professionalism, experience and knowledge of the team at OrangeCoach I was able to find a successful partnership with Anett Kontaveit. 

OrangeCoach knew the needs of Anett as a top professional player and used their insight to find the best fit for her. 

I am delighted that we are now working together thanks to OrangeCoach. I didn’t know there was such an organization that provides such unique service and I believe this is priceless for both, coaches and players who are trying to improve and reach their full potential.

Sven Groeneveld

“We have solidified ourselves in the world of sports as one of the premium advisory and consulting firms. Our management team combines expertise from all playing fields – allowing us to deliver multifaceted services for our clients.”